Open Letter to Raymond Kelly…

Dear Commissioner Kelly:

I am sure you are extremely busy and for that, first off I would like to thank you for reading this. As we both very well know, there is a lot going on in New York right now. The Occupy Wall Street riots have spread and are now taking place all across the city. Now, as a New Yorker I am interested in what’s going on in my city and I am very concerned. The way the New York Police Department has dealt with the Occupy Wall Street rallies has been unacceptable. I do not believe this is your fault directly but I would like to ask you a few questions about what could be done to resolve the issues going on.

It does not matter whether or not you or I agree with what the protesters are rallying for but they have a right to fight for their cause without the threat of the authorities stopping them unjustly. Since the start of these rallies last month there have been countless police abuse of power occurrences. One of the most infamous being the case of Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna and the various pepper-spraying incidents. It is very clear that the NYPD has a bit of an issue dealing with demonstrators without over reacting. From what I have read and researched, so far, no punishment has been awarded to D.I. Bologna. Why is this the case? Do you believe what he did was wrong or extreme?  Now I know you are extremely protective of your city and I am not trying to attack you, but I hope you can see that we are not fighting terrorists in this battle. These are just people. New Yorkers, who want a reason why they are forced to live like they do. They should not be punished the way they are being punished for that.

As a family member of multiple NYPD officers I know that it is not all of the NYPD that is responsible for the injustices against the protesters. There are for certain decent, and honest cops on the street right now who have been dealing with the rallies in the appropriate way. However, all I ask of you Commissioner, is that you seek out the officers who have done the City and its people wrong and apply the proper punishment to them. I trust you will do what you know to be the right thing.

I only have the best intentions for New York and the people who inhabit and which I am sure is the same for you. So all I ask is that you consider changing the way you deal with rallies and demonstrations from a more extreme to a more overseeing bystander approach and that you end up dealing with the officers responsible for any and all injustices against New Yorkers and tourists. Thank you once again Commissioner Kelly, for your time and attention.


Harris Baum



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