My Letter to Raymond W. Kelly, Commissioner of the NYPD

My goal is to write a truthful and accurate letter to the Commissioner of the New York Police Department, Raymond W. Kelly about how his forces are treating the peaceful protesters all around New York City. It all started with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that began about a month ago. The “99%”, as they call themselves, rallied on New York City’s Wall Street, the heart of global finance, to protest “1%”. The “1%” are the people they believe are the cause of all the trouble in the financial market right now. The “99%” are all the other people in America who can’t afford to pay their rent, buy groceries, and pay for an education because of the small amount of people in the “1%”.


When the rally started they were peaceful. Thousands gathered in lower Manhattan to protest the ideas they believed to be injustices. At some point however, the New York Police department arrived to break it up. At some point, videos came out showing how the police were dealing with the peaceful protesters. Things they were doing to un-armed men and women who were just there to support their cause. Since then their have been many more protests from Wall Street to Times Square and every time more and more videos and stories have come out of it about police brutality and injustices.


I am planing 0n writing to the head of the NYPD, Raymond Kelly to ask him if he has addressed these issues with his forces. If so, why it has continued to occur and if not, what does he plan on doing about it. I am hoping to receive some sort of letter back either answering these questions or saying why he has been unable to make a difference and stop the things happening in New York.


Here are a few links to videos of things cops are doing all around New York…


2 thoughts on “My Letter to Raymond W. Kelly, Commissioner of the NYPD

  1. jelkhec says:

    Great videos! The large selection allowed me to really understand what you were aiming to address.

  2. weisadvice says:

    Great article. Occupy Wall Street is a huge issue and I’m extremely happy you are keeping up to date with it. Great videos as well, i love the variety as well as jelkhec it really helped me understand the issue. Great writing as well, keep it up!

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