I don’t really think this truly describes my blog like i hoped it would. I wouldn’t be to happy if the major ideas in my college writing class were the words “the, and, is, and that”. In the end though i am happy how it all turned out. I got the chance to express my opinions in an open forum without the threat of being judged. It is very hard to do things like that not on the internet. I also got to share stories and accounts i have had with other people to the public with out the nervousness i might get of saying these things out loud. In all honesty i am most likely not going to keep up with the blog even though it would be good for me. I like having an outlet where people can hear what i am thinking but due to the fact that i am no longer writing for a grade anymore, the amount i will write will probably die down to no writing at all. I am happy with my writing on my blog. I think my writing and creative skills have evolved drastically and i hope that the skills i learned for this assignment carries on for the rest of my academic career.


One thought on “Reflection

  1. weisadvice says:

    i really like what you wrote about. so far it appears your semester has shaped you as a person and is making you who you are today. GREAT WORK

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