Grief in the Age of Facebook

Posted above is an article about how we deal these days with social media outlets and people close to us passing away. Ironically, the same day i was told to read this article for my Writing 105 class, it just happened to be the anniversary of the passing of my friend Lily Rushton who died of a brain tumor 2 years ago. Today, in memoriam, many people i know who were very close to Lily decided to post as their status “I miss u Lily”, or “RIP Lily” in order to maintain their memory of her and save her a place in their hearts. A few others liked those statuses to show their feelings as well.

This being something i have experienced in my own life and something that i know happens all around as well, it really is clear how social media like twitter and Facebook really play a major aspect in how we do things, including saying goodbye or remembering those who we have lost. I find it a completely appropriate way to memorialize someone you miss. I also appreciate the way Facebook now “Memorializes” someones Facebook page so that you can still write on their wall and see what other people are saying about them as well. All and all there is not much we can do to remember those we have lost and saying something on their Facebook is the least someone can do.


3 thoughts on “Grief in the Age of Facebook

  1. weisadvice says:

    I definitely agree with where you were coming from. Social medias are outlets for memorials because many people check it and its a form of communicating that is easy and effective. I also had this happen to me and Facebook was a huge outlet for everyone to write on. Why is it expectable? I don’t know but everyone does it.

  2. Angela Tong says:

    First off, I must say I’m sorry for your loss of a friend; I know it feels really sad to lose a friend. Second, I agree with you that the social media does play a huge role in how we do things. Although it may seem weird to some people, I think it’s great that Facebook memorializes someone’s page when they’ve passed on; I actually never knew that. I thought the profiles would just remain there, as there are many accounts that people create but never use. However, it’s wonderful that people can comment and express their thoughts of a person even when they’re gone. It’s always nice to see people take time out of their day to write something meaningful to someone they know.

  3. babraham493 says:

    I agree that Facebook is a good medium for those who grieve someone to gather and share memories, stories, and snippets of the persons life. I really like your last sentence about how there’s not much you can do but writing something on Facebook is something at least.

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