Wise Words…

 Dance Like No One is Watching… Love Like You Have Never Been Hurt Before…Go to Work Like You Don’t Need The Money

-Kurt Vonnegut

Everyone wishes that they could live their life like this. Unfortunately, life, does not always pan out that way for most people. How great would it be to live life without fear and dress the way you want, or talk to whoever you wanted without any fear of persecution?  Vonnegut’s words are the ideal. To live life to its fullest, and never look back. As much as some people try to do this, their natural instincts usually kick in and hold them back. The fear of being mocked, rejected, failure. All basic human emotions that stop people in their tracks from breaking out of their shell and acting vulnerable. Vulnerability is usually the key reason why people can’t act the way Vonnegut is describing people should. No one ever wants to be the one who puts themselves out there and has the carpet ripped away right out from under their feet. The risk is not worth it for them. So instead, they do the basic dances they feel comfortable with. They aren’t  completely open with the ones they love. And they don’t take risks at their job. I think if people took risks and lived their lives to the fullest they would just feel better about themselves. They would not be scared to experiment or to work out side the box. It would be a more interesting world, for sure.





3 thoughts on “Wise Words…

  1. Sarah Brown says:

    I think you did a good job analyzing this as the “ideals” to life. However, I also feel that a person can do any of these things and avoid the vulnerability, that is if someone is open enough to it. Events that happened in the past are gone, and as long as you put as much effort into relationships and working as you would if you had pressures on you, than you can make it through life like this, trying to remain open minded through everything you do.

  2. Angela Tong says:

    I think you did a great job of supporting your idea; you backed it up with a lot of details. I agree with you. I know many people who seem shy but they are crazy when you get to know them. If everyone was as completely confident and showed their true selves, I think it would be a crazy world but it’d probably be a more interesting world.

    -Angela Tong

  3. Little Red says:

    I liked how you played up the other side of this quote. Everyone always uses it as a motto, but I liked how you put it into perspective and looked at it realistically. It’s a great thing to strive for, but you’re right – most of us don’t.
    Little Red

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